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Serving the Greater Winder, GA Area


Don’t Delay End-Of-Season Heater Repairs

As the winter season ends and spring is on the horizon, you may be tempted to look over the problems with your heater in hopes that the weather will gradually get warmer and warmer. However, the climb in temperatures is not steady most of the time, with sudden cold periods coming in between. To make sure you always a well-heated home, don’t delay end-of-season heater repairs.

Here are four reasons why.

Heating Emergencies

Time and again, we had seen short cold spells hit us when we thought winter was over. Working with a faulty heater could be tormenting in these situations, especially if you thought delaying end-of-season heater repairs would not be a problem.

If the heater makes weird noises, has problems, or takes longer than usual when turning on, it’s a sign that you might need to get it checked soon. If the problem is not addressed and a cold spell starts, you might have to pay more for repairs while you wait for the repair specialist to arrive. Therefore, it is recommended to address heater problems early.

Inefficient Operation

Several times we notice the heater doing something strange, but the level of heating remains. Hence, we try to let it slide for another few months until we can pinpoint the problem. However, doing this may make you run the heater for longer than before. Many faults in the heating system will strain the device, requiring more effort to heat your place to the appropriate levels. This will impact the amount of money you pay in energy bills.

Thus, it makes more sense to the problem identified and taken care of as early as possible, so that you need to pay extra energy bills towards the end of the season.

Reduced System Life

Having your heating device function with a problem can stress the overall system, as we discussed before. Although apart from increasing utility bills, this will cut short the life of your heater. It is comparable to running a car with little water and/or oil that can eat away at the engine’s life. To make the most out of your heater’s life, make sure it runs in tip-top condition.


Your family’s safety is of prime importance. This is perhaps the most important reason to have regular heater repairs. Devices such as a gas furnace are meant to be operated with safety considerations in mind. But to achieve this, you need heater repairs regularly. Having problems with a gas heater may lead to gas leaks or other safety risks. It might not always happen, but it is a likelihood you should not disregard. Seek professional help to gets repairs done as soon as possible.

If you happen to be around the Winder area, get in touch with American Comfort Heating and Cooling for heating repair services in Winder. Our goal is to bring comfort to America, one home at a time.

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