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Serving the Greater Winder, GA Area

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Serving the Greater Winder, GA Area


Heat Pump Water Heaters in Winder, GA

If you’re a Georgia homeowner with a heat pump at home or just a homeowner who would like to find more energy efficient means of heating your home’s water supply, a heat pump water heater could be the solution for you. There are many types of water heaters on the market and we find that homeowners aren’t often familiar with heat pump water heaters. This type of model benefits the members of your home, the environment, and your wallet.

If you’re in the market for a new water heater you need the right team to perform any related services for you. At American Comfort Heating and Cooling all our service professionals are extensively trained and experienced. We perform all services including installation, replacement, repairs, and maintenance.

A heat pump water heater is great option for Winder, GA homes. If you’re thinking of installing one, contact our reputable team to schedule an appointment today. Bringing Comfort to America, One Home at a Time.

So, What Is a Heat Pump Water Heater?

You’ve probably heard of a heat pump before, but if you haven’t, a heat pump is an HVAC system used to heat and cool the home from one unit. Heat pump technology can also be used to heat a water heater too.

The main difference between a heat pump water heater and the typical storage water heater you’re used to is the heat pump water heater’s usage of thermal energy. A heat pump water heater uses electrical power to absorb thermal energy from the air outside the water heater, then it uses this absorbed energy to raise the temperature of the water inside the tank. A standard system burns fuel like natural gas to heat your water. This type of energy exchange is highly efficient because it uses so little energy moving heat from place to place rather than generating it.

Why Choose This System?

Installing this type of system can help you save money. Your water heater is an appliance in your home that has to work almost every single day of the year. Because of this, your water heater accounts for nearly 17% of a home’s energy use, meaning that it consumes more energy than all of your other household appliances combined.

While heat pump water heaters usually have a higher initial cost than a storage water heater, they have lower operating costs, so you’ll end up saving money.

The Energy Efficiency of a Heat Pump Water Heater

If you’re concerned with your home’s energy efficiency or would like to lower your energy bills, a heat pump water heater is a great option. Heat pump water heaters run on electricity, but they use far less of it to generate heat via electrical resistance. If you live in an area here in Georgia that’s not easily accessible to a natural gas line, then a heat pump water heater is a great alternative for you.

At American Comfort Heating and Cooling we can help you throughout the entire process—from choosing the right brand and model for your home, to installation, to repair services.