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Serving the Greater Winder, GA Area

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Serving the Greater Winder, GA Area


Ductless Systems in Winder, GA

If centralized air conditioning isn’t right for your home in Winder, GA, then a ductless system is the answer. A ductless system can solve a number of problems for homeowners with older or larger homes that would render centralized air conditioning ineffective. Ductless systems are also known as ductless mini splits. This system is one that uses individual air handlers throughout your home to disperse heated or cooled air.

Installing a ductless mini split requires expertise. Our service technicians are incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in installing these systems. We’ve served the greater Atlanta area for over 50 years and can provide your home with the service it needs. Whether you need ductless AC installation, replacement or ductless AC repair, we've got you covered. 

If you’re thinking of installing a ductless system, contact us today. Bringing Comfort to America, One Home at a Time.

Ductless Installation and Replacement Services

Installing a ductless mini split system is a complicated process. Our professionals have to drill a hole into the wall of your home so that the refrigerant lines and electrical components can connect to the indoor air handlers. Ductless mini split installations don’t take long, it’s a fairly quick process, but the preparation for it needs to be done thoroughly. We need to have an initial consultation process to get the sizing right and ensure that your home receives the best heating and cooling possible. When you need professional AC installation services in Winder, you can trust the experts at American Comfort Heating and Cooling.

When it’s time to replace your ductless mini split system, American Comfort Heating and Cooling can provide services too. A ductless mini split system has a shelf life like any other HVAC system, so when it’s time to make the switch we can help you through the process of upgrading.

3 Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning

  1. Flexibility: Ductless mini splits are great because of their small size and flexibility. If you need more cooling on the second floor of your home or in the front of your home where natural light shines in, then a ductless air handler is perfect to ensure that these spaces get the attention they need.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Because you have no ducts, you lose less energy. Traditional systems can lose up to 30% of energy if the ducts fall into disrepair.
  3. Quick Installation: Ductless systems are fast and efficient to install and repair, so you won’t have inconvenient downtime.

If you have a need for convenience and flexibility in your home in Winder, GA, then look into a ductless mini split system before installing a new air conditioning system.

Ductless Repair and Maintenance

Are you having trouble with your ductless mini split system? Is your air handler blowing hot air in summer or making a concerning rattling noise? Be sure to schedule repairs promptly for your ductless mini split system. Calling a trained professional at the first sign of needing service is the best way to ensure that your ductless mini split system still is operative. Our reliable team in Winder, GA will have your system working again in no time.

It’s always a great idea to schedule annual maintenance for your ductless mini split system. An annual maintenance appointment will ensure that your HVAC system is running at its highest efficiency level and that your system lasts as long as possible.