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Serving the Greater Winder, GA Area


Which Water Heater is Best For You?

Confused about water heaters? There are several types on the market, so we couldn’t blame you if you were. Luckily, we can tell you all about three of the most commonly used water heaters in Winder, GA.

Storage Tank Water Heaters

This is the water heater that most of us have grown up with. Statistically speaking, you have one in your home right now.

The main mode of operation for a tank water heater is through its storage tank. The tank stores several gallons of water, heats it, and then dispenses it when the hot water tap is turned on.

What’s great about these water heaters is that they can supply several gallons of hot water to satisfy the needs for an entire family. As long as the tank is sized accurately, there should rarely be times where the family runs out of hot water. They can even use multiple hot water appliances at the same time without trouble.

If the tank does run out of hot water, there will be a waiting period until more water is able to be sufficiently heated. This is one of the main drawbacks of the systems.

Tankless Water Heaters

As their name suggests, these water heaters completely remove the storage tank from the equation. That creates many unique benefits, and homeowners are gradually beginning to switch their water heating preferences to these tankless models.

Most notable of all is their ability to operate as an on-demand system. When the hot water tap turns on, these water heaters immediately get to work at heating the water. They can heat the water either through a gas burner or an electrical element, giving you flexibility in your fuel choice.

This on-demand feature prevents any energy from being wasted—an occurrence that is commonly observed with storage tank water heaters.

But take note: it’s especially important that tankless water heaters are properly sized for their anticipated usage. For example, if the water heater is too small for the daily usage, it won’t be able to supply hot water to all the appliances at the same time. That can leave you stuck with a cold shower while the washing machine or dishwasher is operating.

Heat Pump Water Heater

If you own a heat pump air conditioner, then you already have some idea of how these water heaters work. Essentially, a heat pump is capable of “recycling” the warm air surrounding it. It can then transfer that warmth into the home to provide heat in the winter.

But in the case of a heat pump water heater, that warmth is used to heat the water in a tank. Likewise, the rest of this system operates similarly to a storage tank water heater.

What makes the heat pump water heater stand out is its heat pump abilities. Since this mode of energy does not actually create heat, it uses much less energy. Depending on the brand, it’s even more efficient than a gas-fueled water heater. Heat pump water heaters are a great choice for those without access to natural gas, or for anyone who simply wants a cleaner, more efficient water heater.

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