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Serving the Greater Winder, GA Area


Don’t Make These Costly Air Conditioning Mistakes

Running an air conditioner couldn’t be easier than setting it and forgetting it, right?

Actually, that is true for the most part. If you set your thermostat to a good program, you won’t have to do much to keep monthly expenses low.

But sometimes, homeowners become misinformed and make some mistakes when running their air conditioners. These mistakes can be costly, and they might even lead to the need for AC repair in Winder, GA. Here are just a few of that you should avoid:

Trying to Speed Up Your AC’s Cooling

Many homeowners are guilty of trying this at least once:

To try and get the air conditioner to cool the room faster, the homeowner will set the thermostat several degrees below the intended temperature. The AC will work extra hard, therefore reaching the intended temperature much quicker.

Unfortunately, this is based on a misunderstanding of how air conditioners work. Your AC will cool the home at the same rate no matter what. If anything, setting the temperature lower just puts you at risk of allowing it to run longer than necessary, thus contributing to further wear and tear.

Leaving the Windows Open

In order for your AC to work efficiently, you need to keep all of the windows closed. Unfortunately, that can make the air become a bit stale and dry. You might be tempted to open the windows throughout the day to let air inside. But this is a mistake—leaving windows open during the AC’s operation will hamper efficiency.

If you must, wait until the early morning or late night to do so, when temperatures are much cooler. By letting hot air into the home during the day, you’ll be actively working against your air conditioner’s efforts. It will take that much longer to cool the home, and you’ll likely see the increase on your cooling bill.

Setting the Thermostat Back Too Far During the Day

There’s a good energy saving tip that everyone should follow:

During the day when the home is empty, you should set the thermostat back a few degrees. That way, you won’t be wasting energy when no one is home to benefit from it.

The problem, however, is when the homeowner sets the temperature back way too far. It makes sense: use less energy, save more money.

But if you allow your home’s temperature to get too warm, it requires even more energy to get it reasonably cool again. The key is to set the thermostat back only 3 to 5 degrees and no more.

Skipping Maintenance

HVAC contractors are always talking about how important maintenance is for your system. We’d know, because we’re one of them! But we’re not ignorant of the criticisms: many homeowners neglect maintenance because they don’t see the long-term benefits. Instead, they’d rather wait for their air conditioner to develop serious repair issues before taking action.

Other than preventing repair problems in the first place, maintenance also helps maintain the AC’s efficiency. If you haven’t been getting maintenance, and if you see a steadily rising expense in your cooling bill, we can assure you that there is a correlation between the two.

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