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Serving the Greater Winder, GA Area


How Is My AC Supposed To Work?


Your air conditioner is an important part of your home. While it may not be something that provides you with a meal or offer you a cushioned place to read, it makes those activities a lot better simply by keeping you cool. Imagine how uncomfortable curling up with a book would be without a source of cool air!

Yes, your AC is important and it is also a complicated system. Most people think of the operation of their unit in terms of “if it works it works” and leave it at that. Now, we don’t want to get into too much detail but we do want to give you a quick overview of how your AC does what it does so you can have a better idea of what to look for when it isn’t operating quite right.

How Your AC Works and What To Do When It Doesn’t

Here is a quick look at how your air conditioner helps to keep you cool so you know what it looks like when you system is doing its job right.

  • Step 1. When you realize your home is getting too warm, you turn on your thermostat which tells your air conditioner to start cooling down the house.
  • Step 2. Your AC starts to circulate refrigerant through the evaporator coil which pulls the heat out of the air that is blown over the coil.
  • Step 3. The now-cooled air is blown through your ductwork to cool the home while your AC cycles the refrigerant to your outdoor unit where it is condensed to release the heat that was captured.

It might seem like this is an easy process but it actually involves a lot of different moving parts that require upkeep. When these parts aren’t able to do their job, it means you need to reach out to a professional technician for AC repair in the Atlanta metro area. Some warnings signs to watch out for include:

  • Odd noises: Sounds such as rattling, banging, screeching, or hissing are never good when you are running your air conditioner. These can indicate issues ranging from a dusty filter to a refrigerant leak.
  • Ice on your evaporator coil: All too often ignored, ice on your evaporator coil is a sign that the system isn’t absorbing heat correctly which harms your system and hinders your comfort.
  • No cool air: Your AC has one main job–to cool your home. If it isn’t able to accomplish this, it means it needs repairs as soon as possible.
  • No response to the thermostat: When you set your thermostat to cool the house down, your AC should respond pretty quickly. If that response has a big delay or doesn’t happen at all, you’ve got a problem.

These are just some of the possible problems that can pop up in your air conditioning system. While repairs can be reduced with regular maintenance they aren’t fully avoidable. When they do pop up, make sure you schedule your repair service with our team to get things working again.

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