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5 Sounds That Indicate You Need AC Repairs


There are sounds that you enjoy hearing during the summer season: kids splashing in the pool, food cooking on the grill, the music of crickets, and the steady hum of your air conditioner.

Along with this, there are sounds you definitely don’t want to hear during the summer. For example, if you walk outside to do some gardening and notice that your air conditioner’s outdoor unit is emitting a particularly awful screeching noise, it is going to be an event that ruins your day for a couple of reasons: one, that noise is irksome and two, it means you need to schedule an AC repair in Winder before your system breaks down.

Sounds You Don’t Want Your AC to Make

Like we mentioned above there are sounds that you recognize as good signs in your daily life (chirping birds) and sounds that cause you some concern (a car alarm). These are some of the noises that your air conditioner might emit that should both cause concern and spur you to reach out to our team of professionals for assistance.

  • Screeching or squealing: Let’s start here because this is one of the worst noises to hear from your A/C if only due to the fact it is one of the most obnoxious. Screeching and squealing is often caused by a problem with your blower motor belt either breaking down or needing lubrication. It can also be caused by a loose fan blade scraping around the inside of your system–an issue you definitely don’t want to ignore!
  • Buzzing or humming: Now a softly humming air conditioner isn’t one you should need to be worried about. One that is buzzing or humming loudly, on the other hand, is. Loud humming or buzzing is often a sign of problems with the electrical components in your system or can be an indicator of a dirty evaporator coil.
  • Banging: Banging in your cooling system is hard to ignore and for good reason. This noise is going to be one that tells you that there is a broken part somewhere in the unit. Additionally, it can also indicate an unbalanced indoor blower fan or other issues. Whatever the cause, if you hear banging, you’ll want to schedule a repair appointment ASAP.
  • Rattling: If it sounds like there is something in your A/C system causing a ruckus, you are probably right. Rattling noises are going to have two main causes: loose parts bouncing around in your unit or the ducts, or the ducts struggling to pump air past an air leakage.
  • Hissing: Last but not least is the hissing noise. This sound can be caused by several different culprits from a clogged air filter to a refrigerant leak to a leak in your ducts. Even if the cause isn’t a severe problem, you should get this issue resolved quickly.

If your air conditioner is struggling to do its job and is signaling its distress through a loud or concerning sound, make you reach out to our team for your repairs. We’ll get the job done right and help you keep cool.

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