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Serving the Greater Winder, GA Area


Why An Icy AC is Bad News


When we think about ice in our homes it is usually something that creates relief during the summer. For example, adding ice to a big glass of water or iced tea to cool off. Or even grinding up ice to create homemade slushies and snowcones.

That said, ice isn’t a good thing when it shows up on your air conditioner. It’s heating up as we get closer to summer, so you know that the outdoor temperatures aren’t causing the AC to freeze. The question is, what is making your system so cold and why is this a bad thing?

Why Ice on Your Air Conditioner Isn’t a Good Thing

It is a common misconception that the presence of ice in or on your air conditioner is a sign that it is working really well. In fact, it is the exact opposite! Icy build-up on your system is a sign that it needs AC repair in Winder, GA as soon as possible.

There is more than one issue that your air conditioner can encounter which will cause this. Here are some of the problems your system might be dealing with:

  • Low refrigerant levels: The refrigerant in your air conditioner is responsible for absorbing heat from the air in your home and transferring it outside. If there is too little refrigerant in your air conditioner it is going to result in poor heat transfer. This will cause the air around the evaporator coil to become far too cold leading to the creation of ice on the coil itself.
  • Low refrigerant pressure: Incorrect pressure for your refrigerant is going to cause a similar issue. Your refrigerant needs to be pressurized to a certain point in order to allow it to turn into a gas so that it can absorb heat. If the pressure in your system is incorrect then this will hinder the evaporation of the refrigerant and stop its ability to absorb warmth.
  • Poor airflow: There needs to be air to cool for your system to work. If your air conditioner is struggling to get enough air into the system to cool then it may end up freezing over.
  • A dirty evaporator coil: Last but not least you don’t want a dirty evaporator coil. If this coil becomes too dirty it can hinder the heat transfer process. At this point, that layer of dirt and dust becomes a breeding ground for moisture build-up which, you guessed it, will eventually become ice.

Let Us Fix Your System

Put down that scraper! Ice building up in your air conditioner is never something you should try to address yourself. Instead, turn your AC off to let the system thaw and contact a professional to get the root cause diagnosed and addressed.

Only a trained technician should be allowed to work inside of your AC system. When you are on the hunt for professional service for your air conditioner, you can come to us. We have some of the best professionals around to help you keep cool.

Contact American Comfort Heating and Cooling to schedule your repair service. Bringing Comfort to America, One Home at a Time. 

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