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Serving the Greater Winder, GA Area


Time To Check on Your AC System


Lately, the weather hasn’t exactly been warm so you haven’t been thinking about your air conditioning system all that much. If anything you might be looking forward to a day of high temperatures and iced tea. But before we reach that sweltering season, we want to make sure that your HVAC system, specifically your AC, is ready for what is to come.

Now is actually the perfect time to look into getting your air conditioner into fighting shape. After all, what better time to get a system worked on than when you don’t need it!

If you aren’t 100% sure about scheduling a check-up for your AC unit, we want to give you some information on why opting for early maintenance and repairs benefits you.

5 Benefits of Early AC Maintenance

So why would you want to bother getting early AC maintenance or AC repair in Atlanta? We will tell you!

1. No Interrupted Service

When your system needs repair in the middle of the summer is is awful because it means you have to leave if turned off for extended periods of time and deal with a hot home. Scheduling maintenance and repairs during cooler months, however, allows a technician to get the job done without interrupting your home’s comfort because the system isn’t in use to begin with.

2. Smaller Fixes

Maintenance during the off-season provides the advantage of catching possible issues while they are still small. This means the required fixes or repairs and still small and much less costly than they would be if they had been compounded by a couple months of use before being addressed.

3. Better Energy Efficiency

An AC unit that is well-maintained will always operate more efficiently than one that only receives repairs when it stops working. The more regularly you schedule maintenance, the better your system will operate and the more energy efficient it will be.

4. Reduced Repairs

An early check-up catches a lot of issues while they are still small. This not only keeps repairs on the cheaper side, but is also reduces the amount of repairs you will need overall. As an added bonus this will also lengthen the amount of time until you need a replacement.

5. Getting Ahead of a Replacement

Maintenance and repairs go a long way but they won’t keep your AC running forever. Having a professional technician give your unit a check-up will also allow them to assess whether or not you may need in need of a replacement in the near future. Factors that can play a role in this include what type of refrigerant your system uses and how old it is.

My AC Needs Some TLC

Are you ready to give your air conditioner the service that it needs? Great! Our team of professionals is ready to offer expert maintenance and repair services for your system so it is ready for the summer. And, if you have an AC that needs to be replaced, we are happy to help with that too.

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