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Serving the Greater Winder, GA Area


What’s an Inverter Air Conditioner?

Have you heard of an inverter air conditioner before? Inverter air conditioners are the latest and greatest in air conditioning technology.

Standard air conditioners only run at 100%. You might not ever give it any thought because it’s common for the vast majority of air conditioners to run this way. Although it’s common, it’s far from the only option that you have for your home.

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The Breakdown

So first thing’s first—what is an inverter air conditioner?

Well, an inverter air conditioner is an air conditioner with variable cooling speed. These systems provide high-efficiency cooling performance without all the strain or cost of a standard air conditioning system. Your traditional air conditioner either runs at 100% capacity or at 0%. In simple terms, this means that you’re always running your air conditioner at its highest capacity.

This is typical for an air conditioning system, but think of this type of functionality outside of your air conditioning system. Imagine if your car ran in two settings—the car either ran at 150 mph or stood still in park. It doesn’t sound very functional, right? The variable speed here is important. It’s important for your air conditioning system too.

An inverter air conditioner has a compressor unit that provides a more accurate approach to cooling. The cooling that you receive with an inverter air conditioner provides the right cooling based on your room’s temperature and size rather than just blasting cool air into your home.

How an Inverter Air Conditioner Helps You

An inverter AC system helps you in a myriad of ways. We’ve detailed the highlights below:

  • Cost Savings: Inverter air conditioners can help you save money because it runs at a moderate speed. Sometimes you don’t always need full-blast cooling. An inverter air conditioner can give you the services that you need rather than the services that you have to have.
  • Quiet Operation: Have you ever jolted awake in the middle of the night to the sound of your air conditioner kicking on? Your air conditioner is hardly something that you’d categorize as “noisy,” but your system turning on in the middle of a languid summer night can give you a bit of a scare. You won’t have to experience this when you have an inverter AC.
  • Fast Cooling: Inverter air conditioners actually use more power upon startup. They start off strong and the ease down as your temperature gets closer to its desired temperature.
  • Eco-Friendly: An inverter air conditioner’s variable operation makes it a lot easier on the earth. You can trust this system’s variable compressor speed to be easier on your wallet and on the ecosystem.

Choose an inverter air conditioner if you want to experience these benefits for your home comfort.

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