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Serving the Greater Winder, GA Area


Key Services That Invest in Your Heating System


When you think about your heating system you probably consider how happy you are when it is working well. Maybe you go as far as to think about how annoying it is when your heater breaks down. But do you ever think about what you could do to invest in the operational efficiency and longevity of your heater?

Believe it or not, there are several services that you can schedule that will help your heating unit accomplish its job throughout the cooler months, whether it be a heat pump or a furnace. We want you to know about how beneficial these services are so you can stay comfortable for years to come. All you need to do is keep reading to learn more (and of course when you need a heating HVAC contractor in Lawrenceville, GA make sure you reach out to our team!)

Four Services for Your Heater

There are four main services that you can schedule for your heating system which can help it run for a good long while without facing too many problems.

Heater Maintenance

Maintenance is often a service that far too many people judge as “unnecessary.” The reality is that this once-a-year check-up for your system can make a huge difference in how energy efficient it is and how well it works for extended periods of time. If you want, think of it this way: what’s cheaper, a yearly visit to the car garage for a tune-up, or taking your car in once the service light comes on?

Duct Cleaning

Yes, your ducts play a huge role in your heater’s operation. Beyond the fact that a leak in your ducts can hinder your heater’s ability to deliver hot air (for that you would want to call for duct sealing, by the way), allowing too much dirt, dust and debris to pile up within your ductwork can also impede on your unit’s goals to heat the home. When you schedule duct cleaning services after you start to notice reduced, dusty airflow, this issue can be taken care of quickly, improving your home comfort on multiple levels.

Thermostat Upgrade

Your thermostat can often make or break how efficiently your heater operates, or if it operates at all. Your thermostat delivers your temperature requests to your heater after all so if it loses its connection, your heater won’t get any directions on what to do! You may want to consider upgrading your thermostat if you have an older model that is malfunctioning, or you simply want to increase your control on your home environment and have a better grasp of your energy usage.

Timely Repairs

It is clear that repairs are vital to your heater’s continued operation. However, far too often we find there are people who wait longer than they should to schedule their repair needs. Don’t hesitate! The sooner you schedule repairs, the better off your heater, and your home comfort will be. Trust us when we say delaying repairs will end up costing you more in the long run.

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