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Serving the Greater Winder, GA Area


Ductless AC Saves More Money—Here’s Why


For reasonable cooling at a reasonable price, a central air conditioner will do just fine. But if you’re looking for exceptional cooling, you should set your standards a little higher and consider a ductless air conditioning system.

While these units will be more expensive to install upfront, the amount of money you can save on your energy bill makes them worth it. Allow us to explain what they do differently:

They Consolidate Heating and Cooling

One of the most prominent features of the ductless heat pump—and heat pumps in general—is the fact that they can switch between heating and cooling modes. They essentially work just like an air conditioner that can reverse its functions.

For those using central air systems, they most likely have a separate heating system installed. In most cases, that also means the homeowner is using two different fuel sources to power those systems. It also means that maintenance must be performed separately on both systems.

But for a ductless heat pump, all those factors are conveniently combined into one system. Bi-annual maintenance is crucial to keep these systems running properly in winter and summer, but even with that taken into consideration, heat pumps still tend to last 5 to 10 years longer than central air systems and furnaces.

Their Design Lends Itself to More Efficient Performance

What’s great about going ductless is that you’re essentially eliminating the middleman. In a central air conditioning system, the ducts are required to transport cool and warm air through your home. Unfortunately, there can be gradual energy loss in this process. Even the best-fitted ductwork systems will degrade over time, resulting in leaks and disconnects (you can say ‘goodbye’ to all of that precious cooled and heated air!).

With ductless heat pumps, this problem never even enters the equation. All cooling and heating is done directly in the room it’s installed in, meaning there’s no energy loss. However, that doesn’t mean these systems are flawless—you still need an expert AC system installation in Winder to ensure that the air handlers are placed in the best positions. Otherwise, it can significantly reduce efficiency and comfort.

No Unnecessary Operation Required

Central air conditioners cool the entire home or none of it. There’s no in-between. But that means you could be wasting energy on rooms that don’t need cooling. Ductless units solve this issue.

Ductless heat pumps have one outdoor unit, and then one additional indoor unit for every room that needs to be cooled. Combine that with individual control for each indoor unit, and you have a flexible and completely customizable AC experience.

There are many types of families and lifestyles that can greatly benefit from these savings. For example, if you have kids who are moving out or attending college, you no longer have to supply cooling power to their bedrooms.

You can even take this further by simply installing units in rooms that really need them. For example, if you find that one room of your home gets particularly hot in the summer despite the current AC system’s efforts, a single ductless installation can solve that problem for you without dragging down efficiency.

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