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Serving the Greater Winder, GA Area


Is Your AC Getting Noisy? Here’s Why

This time of the year is not when you want to discover that your air conditioner is in trouble. You want your system operating as optimally as possible. This is why, when your system starts to make concerning noises, we’d advise scheduling AC repair in Suwanee, GA.

The sooner you have a professional come by to examine your air conditioner and figure out why it is making the sounds it is making, the better it will be. Why? Because it gives them a chance to fix the core issue before it gets worse and destroys your ability to keep cool.

Why Your AC Is Making Noise

As you can imagine, different noises are caused by different problems. Here are some of the issues that your air conditioner may be struggling with that is causing it to create a ruckus.

  • There is a refrigerant leak: Refrigerant is the lifeblood of your air conditioner. Without it, your system simply won’t work. If you spring a leak in your refrigerant line it can quickly become a big issue. Make sure to listen for sounds like hissing and bubbling which are indicators of a refrigerant leak. These can often help you address the issue before ice collects on your evaporator coil or for your system to start short-cycling.
  • There is a clogged filter: Your system’s air filter is responsible for capturing dirt and debris and keeping it out of the internal components of your air conditioner. Over time that collection of debris is going to add up. We advise changing your air filter every one to three months before the filter becomes too clogged and creates a hissing sound which indicates air is struggling to enter your AC.
  • There is a dry belt: Much like in a car, an AC has multiple working components that require lubrication to function. One example of this is the blower motor belts in the AC’s motor. If one of the belts has gotten dried out and requires lubrication you are likely to hear a screeching noise that will alert you to the problem.
  • You have a loose part: Regular use of your air conditioner is likely to lead to parts in the system becoming loose over time. While this is not an immediate issue it is one that we would suggest addressing sooner than later. When you hear a rattling noise it is likely being caused by a loose bolt, screw, or even fan blade. Make sure to reach out to get the part taken care of before it worsens.

When Something Sounds Off, Call Us

At the end of the day, whatever noises your AC has started to make, the response should be the same: contact a professional for assistance. Our team is here to help when your air conditioner sounds like it is struggling. We know how to diagnose and address the source of any strange sounds. with our help and timely repairs, you can enjoy an efficient and effective air conditioner again.

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