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Serving the Greater Winder, GA Area


Uncommon AC Issues That Are Easy to Miss

Most homeowners know the obvious signs that their AC is acting up. When it’s making loud, strange noises or isn’t blowing cold air, those are pretty noticeable things that something is amiss. When your AC isn’t working at all, you know to call us for air conditioning repair in Winder, GA promptly.

However, there are some AC issues that tend to be ignored. That’s because sometimes the homeowner might at first attribute the issue to something else unrelated to their air conditioner. Let’s go over some uncommon AC issues so you’ll be aware it might be an AC issue the next time you notice the symptoms.

Moldy, Musty Smells

With our high humidity levels, mold is a common problem in Georgia, especially among homeowners who don’t have a dehumidifier or air purification system. If your home has a moldy, musty smell that isn’t pervasive, it can be easy to dismiss it. You might just think your home needs a good, thorough cleaning and that you’ll get to that soon. 

However, these smells can be related to an AC issue. Do you notice that the scent seems more prevalent when the AC is running? Try putting your nose up to a vent when the AC is on. If you notice a discernible odor of mold, that means there’s likely mold in your ductwork.

Mold can find other places to thrive within your AC including the condensate drain and the evaporator coils. Mold grows best in areas that are damp, cool, and dark, which perfectly describes your AC’s interior where the evaporator coils are housed.

The coils help the AC produce cool air by removing heat from the air that passes through them. When mold develops on the coils, it inhibits the airflow, and without adequate airflow, your AC can’t do its job. You’ll also notice that your AC’s performance has been less than stellar along with the moldy scent.

Your AC sends the condensation it collects out of the condensate drain. This narrow tube also attracts dirt, dust, and mold spores. When this happens, you’ll notice water dripping from the drain. If the debris becomes large enough, it can form a clog, which will result in water pooling around your AC.

High Humidity

If there’s one thing that’s easy to overlook in a home in Georgia, it’s high humidity. If your home feels extra humid for no good reason, you might write it off as just being an extra humid day. It’s when you’re noticing it a lot that you should be concerned.

High humidity in your home could mean there’s something wrong with the AC. When it’s working as it should, it’ll also remove some humidity from your home’s air. The issue could be caused either by the evaporator coils or the condenser coils. 

When the evaporator coils become iced over, it prevents the refrigerant within from absorbing heat to lower the air temperature and remove moisture from the air. The condenser coils are inside the outdoor unit and when they’re dirty, this buildup blocks heat transfer and prevents the refrigerant from doing its job. Your AC won’t be able to remove humidity from the air when its refrigerant cycles are disrupted.

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