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Serving the Greater Winder, GA Area


That Dirty Sock Smell May Be From Your Heater

Have you noticed that something smells off in your home lately? It can be frustrating to deal with this problem as you check trash cans, kids’ rooms, and even the refrigerator in the hope of identifying and dealing with the source of the smell.

We have good news and bad news. The bad news is that the smell that is bothering you may be coming from your heater. The good news is that we can address it quickly.

What Causes the Dirty Sock Smell

We are referring to the smell that resembles musty old socks because, well, it is a pretty easy smell to identify. It is also one that can commonly pop up during this time of year.

What you are smelling is built-up debris and, even worse, possible mildew growth on your system’s heating elements being heated up. That build-up can happen due to last year’s use allowing dust to settle on your heating elements. In other cases, it may be caused by a backed-up condensate drain in a heat pump giving off the scent. Whatever the root cause, it creates a noticeable smell that no one likes and will get worse until it is addressed properly.

Dealing with the Dirty Sock Smell

So, how do you best handle a dirty sock smell? Call us in to perform a heating repair in Winder, GA. If you have build-up on your system’s heating elements, we can clean it off and address any damage it may have caused. Likewise, if the smell is caused by a clogged condensate line, we can clear it and repair it so it no longer is a breeding ground for unpleasant scents.

Other Problem Smells

There is more than one smell that your heater might make to warn you about a problem. Make sure to contact us for repairs if you pick up on any other problematic smells such as:

  • Burning electrical parts: This is a strong and acrid smell that will make almost anyone stop in their tracks. The smell of burning wires or electrical parts is a big problem. If you notice this smell, turn off your heater and contact us ASAP.
  • Natural gas (rotten egg smell): If you have a natural gas heater, you need to be on the alert for this one. The scent of gas in your home could indicate a leak in your heater, such as through a cracked heat exchanger. Make sure to follow safety protocols first and then schedule repairs to address this problem.

Whatever the problem may be, it is worthwhile to go to the professionals to address it. Our team of experts can identify and handle any heating system issue you may have quickly and effectively. We work hard to make sure your home is comfortable and smells the way you want it to!

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