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The Problem With a Dirty Evaporator Coil


Do you know what the evaporator coil in your air conditioner does? This part of your system is responsible for cycling refrigerant so that it can absorb heat from the air blown over the coils. This coil is quite vital to the cooling process. With that said, it makes sense that when something goes wrong with the coil, it will impact the comfort in your home.

But, wait, can dirt really have that big of an impact on your air conditioner? The truth is, yes, when dirt starts to collect on your evaporator coil it is going to hinder the cooling process. Here is the reason why a dirty evaporator coil is such a problem and how to avoid it.

Why Your Evaporator Coil Needs to Stay Clean

It might seem strange to think about a little dust and dirt being a big issue in your air conditioner. But, at the end of the day, dusty debris doesn’t belong inside your AC, because it can wreak havoc on the system’s operations! When dirt, dust, fur, or other airborne debris get into your AC and start to coat your evaporator coil, at first, it will start making it harder to cool the air flowing through your AC. Over time though, if the coil isn’t cleaned, it will make the issue far more severe because it can completely stop the cooling process and can lead to the build-up of ice on the coil itself.

Dirt may not seem like a big issue for your home comfort but if your coil is allowed to become coated in debris it will hinder your home comfort at the least and cause serious damage to your air conditioner at the worst.

Resolving the Problem of a Dirty Evaporator Coil

When your air conditioner’s evaporator coil starts to collect dirt and debris, you shouldn’t ignore it. As we mentioned up above, what starts out as a little bit of dust can quickly escalate into a full-blown problem for your AC system. So what can you do to avoid this issue? We’d suggest following some of the steps listed here to reduce the risk of suffering from a dirty evaporator coil:

  • Change or clean your filter regularly: The air filter for your AC needs to be cleaned (if it is reusable) or changed out every one to three months. If this filter is left unchecked for too long it can become clogged and allow dirt and debris into your system to start collecting on your evaporator coil.
  • Dust and vacuum regularly: The cleaner your home’s interior is, the less debris your filter will have to deal with and the less of a risk there will be to your evaporator coil. Plus, a clean home is better for your health too!
  • Schedule AC services ASAP: If you notice something is wrong with your air conditioner, you don’t want to hesitate before you reach out to a team of professionals for AC service. Whether it is AC maintenance or an air conditioning repair in Atlanta, GA, a professional technician can assess the problem and get it resolved effectively.

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