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Serving the Greater Winder, GA Area


Why You Need to Check Your AC Filter

Have you ever thought about what goes on inside your air conditioning in Atlanta, GA? If not, we don’t blame you, not a lot of individuals do! That’s our job. However, our job is also to give you the tools to make sure your AC system works well. That is why we want to tell you more about the best defense against dirt-based problems in your AC unit: your air filter.

Believe it or not, this little membrane has a big job to do. Let us tell you a bit more about why your air filter is so important to your comfort and your air conditioner’s operation.

What Does Your Air Filter Do?

We know what you may be thinking: “Wait, doesn’t my system’s filter stop dust from getting into my house?” Well, yes and no. The air conditioner air filter is placed in the return air duct of your system where your AC draws in hot air from your home to be cooled.

The primary function of this filter is to keep dirt and dust out of your air conditioner, though it does have the added benefit of keeping that debris out of your home too.

How Your Filter Can Make or Break Your Comfort

Your air filter is your air conditioner’s main defense against dirt, dust, and other debris getting into your system. Over time though, that filter is going to collect a large amount of dirty build-up unless it gets cleaned or changed out regularly. That’s why we suggest checking your filter every one to three months. If you allow your AC system to become too dirty, it will start to create problems which can include:

  • Poor airflow: A little dirt can go a long way in hindering the flow of air into your AC. An overly dirty filter is going to make it hard on your AC to pull in enough air to cool.
  • Poor cooling: If your air conditioner can’t draw in enough air, it won’t have anything to cool down and pump into your home. Not only is this harmful to your home comfort but it is also harmful to your AC systems operation and can cause short cycling.
  • Poor air quality: Last but not least, a dirty air filter is going to cause problems for your home’s air quality. All that dirt and debris are going to have a chance to slip through the filter and enter your home, reducing the quality of the air you breathe and ultimately making it harder to get comfortable.

Your air filter may seem like a minor part of your air conditioner but it really does play a big role in your air conditioner’s operation and your home comfort. We strongly suggest changing out or cleaning your air filter every month or every few months to ensure you get the cooling comfort you need. If you aren’t sure how to do this, we can help.

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