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Serving the Greater Winder, GA Area


Common AC Issues When You Turn It On in Spring


When you turn your air conditioner on for the first time after not using it for a while, there are some common issues you may experience from not using it for a few months. Of course, some DIY maintenance and scheduling a thorough tune-up from our team can help avoid these problems, but you may still experience some issues.

Let’s go over some common problems that you may run into so you’ll know if you need to call us for air conditioning repair in Winder, GA. 

Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On

As you make the switch from using your HVAC system for cooling to heating, when it seems like the AC won’t turn on, the first thing you might think is that your furnace is actually the problem. But this isn’t necessarily the case.

First of all, check to make sure your thermostat has been changed from “heating” to “cooling” or the AC setting. Also, check the batteries in the thermostat. Make sure you’ve lowered the thermostat enough to ensure it kicks on. If your AC still won’t turn on, try resetting the circuit breaker. If none of these troubleshooting efforts help, give us a call.

AC Takes A Long Time to Reach Set Temperature

If it seems like it’s taking forever for your AC to reach the set temperature, this could be due to many different issues. The first thing you want to do is make sure your AC has a clean filter. It’s best to start off the cooling season with a nice clean filter to make sure your AC has strong airflow throughout the unit.

The next thing to check is the evaporator coils to make sure they are clean and free of any dirt, dust, and debris. When they’re dirty, it will be nearly impossible for your AC to reach the set temperature. Try vacuuming them with a dry brush attachment. If that doesn’t do the trick, we’ll give them a professional cleaning during an annual maintenance checkup.

Lukewarm Air or Weak Airflow

The air that comes from your AC when you first turn it on should be decidedly cold and unmistakeably strong. A lack of cold air or strong airflow could be due to a dirty air filter. If you’ve already replaced this, check the condensing unit. This is the outdoor component of your AC. 

During winter, it’s common for your condensing unit to become dirty or for branches, twigs, and leaves to accumulate on the unit. Clear away any debris from the unit and make sure no grass has grown up high around it. If it’s exceptionally dirty, try rinsing it off gently with a garden hose. 

Is your AC still not working at optimal performance? Give us a call to schedule an appointment for maintenance to make sure your system is set up to deliver cooling power that’ll keep you comfortable through spring and summer.

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