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Serving the Greater Winder, GA Area


Is Inverter AC Worth It In Georgia?

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Many homeowners who live in challenging climates like ours here in Winder, GA want to know if upgrading to a more advanced AC system is worth it. One of these types of advanced systems is an inverter air conditioning system. We can say without a doubt that for combatting humidity and high temperatures, you can’t go wrong with inverter technology.

So what makes inverter ACs so special? We’re glad you asked! AC systems with inverter technology provide many benefits compared to standard, traditional AC systems. Let’s go over 5 benefits of these systems and how they’re the best bet for achieving unparalleled levels of performance and home comfort.

1. Energy Efficiency

A standard AC system has two speeds: on and off. But an inverter AC system has multiple speeds and settings. Not only that, but it can “choose” which variable speed to operate at to enhance performance. 

When the AC compressor doesn’t need to constantly run at full power when the system is on, the AC system uses less energy and runs more efficiently. That’s why inverter ACs can save significant amounts of energy compared to non-inverter models, leading to lower utility costs. 

2. Extended Lifespan

Running efficiently and less wear and tear equates to a longer system lifespan. Because inverter air conditioners need to operate at high and low speeds, the materials used in their components must adhere to a higher standard compared to their non-inverter counterparts. 

These technological advancements may include better materials, improved designs, and enhanced control systems, which can contribute to increased durability and longevity.

3.  Better Cooling Prowess

An AC system with inverter technology can cool your home faster than a standard AC system. The variable speed compressor allows the system to ramp up quickly and slow down when it approaches the set temperature, providing faster, more efficient cooling power when it’s needed.

4. Better for Planet Earth

If you pride yourself on making an eco-friendly choice, an inverter AC system is the way to go. You can feel happy about the fact that you’ve chosen one of the “greenest” AC systems on the market. The variable-speed processor is what allows these systems to operate super efficiently, making them the eco-friendly option.

5. Quieter Operation

Part of your home comfort is enjoying your home. AC inverters operate more quietly than their standard counterparts. Because the compressor doesn’t need to start and stop frequently at full power, there are fewer abrupt fluctuations in noise levels, leading to a quieter overall operation.

If you’re a homeowner who cares about the environment or just wants to decrease your cooling costs, ask one of our experts if an inverter AC system is right for your home and budget. No matter what air conditioning system you use for your home, you need a system that fits your needs so be sure to contact one of our professionals.

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