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Serving the Greater Winder, GA Area


Why is Your AC Icy?

When the temperature turns up in Georgia, most of us want to keep things cool in our homes–downright chilly in some cases. With that said, you don’t want your air conditioner to get too cold. What we mean by that is that sometimes, your AC system might seem to get colder than your home and will ice over–and this isn’t a good thing.

All too often homeowners believe that scraping that ice off their system is the solution and then they can just continue on with running their AC. This couldn’t be further from the truth and here’s why.

What Does It Mean When Your AC Ices Over?

Every once in a while, we will encounter someone who thinks that an air conditioner developing a build-up of ice is a sign that it is working extremely well when the opposite is actually true. If your system has developed a layer of ice it means you need to schedule air conditioning repair in Gainesville, GA.

Here’s what may cause an icy air conditioner:

  • Low airflow: If your air conditioning system isn’t getting the proper airflow to allow it to do its job, it means that it is going to create a build-up of ice around the coil as it continuously cools the air immediately around it, rather than sending cooled air through your home.
  • A dirty evaporator coil: If your evaporator coil is covered in a layer of dirt and dust, it will hinder the ability of the refrigerant in your system to absorb heat. This, in turn, will lead to a collection of ice building up around the coil which can create serious problems in the long-run.
  • Refrigerant leaks: Low refrigerant will make it hard for your system to absorb heat if it is able to absorb any at all. Repairing the leak will resolve this of course but until then it can lead to your AC icing over and short cycling too.

Resolving the Ice Issue

So, if there is ice building up inside of your air conditioning system, how do you stop the problem before it gets worse? Like we mentioned above, scraping the ice off is a bad idea–you can end up causing more damage and this doesn’t actually resolve whatever is causing the ice to develop. What you actually want to do is contact the team of professionals at American Comfort Heating and Cooling.

We can help resolve your air conditioning issues because we have the skills and the tools necessary to get the job done. This means we can repair your refrigerant line and offer a recharge, clean your evaporator coil, and clear off or replace your AC filter. Whatever the cause of the icy build-up is, we will get it resolved in short order without causing additional harm to this vital comfort system.

Schedule your appointment with the professionals at American Comfort Heating and Cooling so you can enjoy a cool summer season. Bringing Comfort to America, One Home at a Time. 

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