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Serving the Greater Winder, GA Area


6 Spooky Noises Your Heater Might Be Making

It is hard to really get comfortable when your heater makes a huge ruckus while in use. You can barely hear enough to think about the question of whether or not you are truly warm.

If you get a moment of quiet, you may realize that you are actually not as warm as you’d like. This may not be much of a surprise because new, strange noises coming from your heater are usually a sign of a problem. Let’s discuss some of the noises you may have started to hear and why they are an indicator that you need to schedule heating repair in Norcross, GA.

6 Noises You Don’t Want a Heater to Make

If you hear any of these sounds, make sure to schedule repairs as soon as you can.

  1. Rattling: When you hear your heater starting to rattle, you should call in the pros ASAP. What you are likely hearing is the vibration of loose parts in the system which, if left unaddressed, will break free and cause additional harm to your heater.
  2. Booming: This is a bigger problem for anyone with a gas furnace. If you hear booming coming from your furnace heater, it may indicate a build-up of dirt and debris in your burners causing delayed ignition of the gas in the system. The boom is created when built-up gas ignites all at once, straining your heater and putting it at risk for a bigger repair issue.
  3. Hissing: Don’t mistake a hiss for the usual whoosh of air from your system. A hiss may indicate an issue with a clogged air filter, leaky ductwork, a refrigerant line leak, or, worse, a cracked heat exchanger. Make sure to have a professional check on this noise as soon as you notice it.
  4. Screeching: Does it sound like your heater is screaming at you? Your system isn’t possessed, but it does need repairs as soon as possible. What you are hearing is created by metal scraping against metal, such as with a loose fan blade or a motor belt in desperate need of lubricant.
  5. Buzzing: Hearing the sound of buzzing during the operation of your heater can be a sign of electrical trouble in your heater. If this has become a regular noise you notice every day you need to schedule repairs today before the system breaks down.
  6. Clicking: It may be normal to hear a small amount of clicking upon the start-up of your heater. If this noise persists throughout the operation of the heater, however, it may indicate a bigger problem that requires repairs.

Whether you are hearing something strange from your heater, or you notice any other warning signs, you should make sure to get your service from a professional technician. The technicians on our team can reliably diagnose and address those issues, including getting the noises that are keeping you up at night to stop.

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