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5 Signs You Need AC Repair Pronto

We’re well into summer and by now, you should have a good idea of how your air conditioner is performing. How would you rate its ability to keep your home comfortable so far? Does it get an A+ or is it failing miserably?

When it comes to the head and humidity of a Georgia summer, your AC doesn’t get an A for effort. If you’re AC isn’t keeping your home cool and the humidity low, it’s time to call us for AC repair. Let’s go over 5 AC issues and what could be causing them.

1. Frozen Coils

Seeing ice or frost on the AC’s evaporator coils is never good. You’ll also notice that your AC isn’t keeping your home cool at all. That’s because the evaporator coils are essential to its performance. 

Frozen evaporator coils can be caused by insufficient airflow as a result of a clogged and dirty air filter, a backed-up drain, or having too many vents closed off. Change the air filter and open all the vents in your home to see if that fixes things. 

Another possibility is low refrigerant levels caused by a leak somewhere in the system. Refrigerant is something you don’t want to breathe in your home. Contact us ASAP so we can pinpoint the source of the leak and get your AC working properly again.

2. Short Cycling

This happens when your AC is unable to complete a cooling cycle. It’s noticeable by the fact that it seems like your AC is always turning itself on but your home isn’t cooling down. Short cycling is tremendously hard on your system because it’s overworking, trying to achieve the set temperature. It’ll also never be able to reach anything close to your desired temperature so give us a call for repair.

3. Unusual Sounds

Other than the sound of it turning off and on the flow of air from the vents, your AC should otherwise be fairly silent. Any loud and unusual noises should be attended to promptly. These can include banging, hissing, grating, bubbling, and gurgling. The problem could be something as simple as a loose part to a more serious issue such as a refrigerant leak.

4. High Humidity 

Does your home feel much more humid lately? Air conditioners work by removing heat from the air in your home. As a result, your home naturally feels less humid. If you notice the humidity level in your home has increased, there could be something impeding your AC’s functionality. Don’t try to turn the AC down lower to fix it as that won’t take care of the problem.

5. Lukewarm Air from Vents

Check this by holding your hand up to a vent in your home. The air that comes from the vents should feel cold. If the airflow doesn’t feel cold, you’re probably also noticing that it’s taking forever to cool your home down, or the thermostat temp isn’t budging. Call us for quick AC repairs that’ll restore your home comfort levels.

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