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Serving the Greater Winder, GA Area


Is It Time to Replace Your HVAC System?


We know the idea of replacing your HVAC system is likely a scary one. You may start seeing dollar signs in your mind’s eye from the sheer thought of it. With that said, your HVAC system won’t last forever. It is good to know what signals to watch for that will tell you when your system needs to be ousted.

When the time comes to replace your heater, make sure you reach out to an experienced Lawrenceville HVAC contractor to get the job done. The contractors at American Comfort Heating and Cooling are professionals who take pride in making sure your new HVAC system is sized and installed properly.

How Do I Know It Is Time for a Replacement?

Replacing an HVAC system is a large and somewhat expensive project to undertake. That is why you want to be absolutely sure that the time has come to invest in a new system. Keep an eye out for some of the following indicators that your heating system needs to be changed out:

  1. If your system is 10 to 15 years old, you should consider replacing it. HVAC systems are only meant to last around 10 years, after which they rapidly begin to lose efficiency. A very well-maintained system can last closer to 20 years but even then it will start to show signs of wear and tear after being in use for a decade.
  2. If your heating system has been requiring repairs more than once a year, it means you need a replacement. A properly functioning HVAC system should only need to be fixed once a year, a necessity that is normally taken care of with an annual maintenance visit.
  3. If your heater isn’t heating each room evenly, it is a major indicator that it is on its last legs. Make sure you contact us about a replacement before your system gives out when you need it the most!

Benefits of a Replacement

So why should you replace your unit before it goes kaput? Why not just wait? There are multiple reasons to answer this question.

Replacing your heater before it fully gives out ensures that you won’t be dealing with a Georgia winter without a heater in the rare instance that you might really need it (you never know when it might drop into the 40s again!) In addition to this, installing a new unit offers you the benefits of improved efficiency earlier on, which may help lower your monthly energy bills. This is because a new unit will include new technology, allowing it to run more economically.

If you are noticing that your HVAC system is starting to drag its feet, don’t wait to replace it! The sooner you contact us to install a new unit, the sooner you can enjoy the benefits of a newer, more efficient heater.

Contact American Comfort Heating and Cooling today to learn more about your HVAC replacement options. Our technicians are available to give you the services you need. Bringing Comfort to America, One Home at a Time.

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