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Serving the Greater Winder, GA Area


5 Signs You Need Repairs For Your Heat Pump


You rely on your heat pump all year long. And that means that you really want to make sure this home comfort system is working right, no matter whether it is heating or cooling.

That said, we are focusing on the heating function of your heat pump today because, well, temperatures are getting chilly! If your heat pump isn’t working right at this point in the year, it may leave you shivering and that’s just not right. Why pay for comfort you can’t enjoy?

If you need a heat pump repair in Winder GA, make sure to get in touch with us quickly so we can get your system running right again. Here are the warning signs to watch for.

5 Indicators Of Heat Pump Troubles

Watch out for the common warning signs that your heat pump is struggling to warm your home and then reach out to us for diagnosis and service.

  1. Concerning noises. If your heat pump starts to make a ruckus while it is running, we’d advise having it checked out. There are a variety of sounds that a malfunctioning heater can make such as rattling, screeching, and even hissing. Whatever new sound your heat pump starts to make, it is going to be worth having it checked out by a professional. These sounds can indicate repair needs that can easily lead to an early replacement need.
  2. Cold air production. While your heat pump is running, it should produce air that is the desired temperature. In the summer, cold air is great but this isn’t the same in the winter. When your heat pump is unable to pull in heat from outside and warm the house, it can indicate issues like a dirty evaporator coil or a refrigerant leak.
  3. High energy bills. Running your heat pump will inevitably impact your heat pump’s energy use and your energy bills too. However, this impact on your bill should match the amount of use that your system gets. If your energy bill is showing unusually high increases in price then it is well worth getting a repair scheduled with a technician.
  4. Unpleasant smells. When you run your heat pump have you noticed that it results in a smelly home? If so, then you need to have your heat pump checked out. Smells to be wary of include musty smells (something like smelly gym socks), the sickly-sweet scent of refrigerant, or even the smell of burning electrical parts.
  5. Short cycling. Last but not least, a heat pump with a problem may start to short cycle. This refers to when the systems only run in incomplete heating cycles, usually ones that last only a few brief minutes. This can cause large increases in your energy bills even while undermining your comfort.

Any and all problems with your heater is worth a call to a professional. We can either provide a tune-up or repairs to address the problem and get your home properly warmed up again.

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