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Serving the Greater Winder, GA Area


It’s Not a Ghost, It’s Your HVAC System!


Did you know that a large amount of ghost noises end up coming from a faulty HVAC system? It’s true! From strange noises to too cold rooms, there are actually a large amount of signs that seem to indicate paranormal activity that actually just mean you need to call in an HVAC repair technician.

If you are one of the many individuals who has been dealing with some strange sounds around your house this fall season, you may be in need of HVAC services. We encourage you to reach out for a repair before calling the priest!

Not sure what sort of sounds might be coming from your air system? We can help you narrow it down. Just read on.

If you have been hearing some odd noises around your house lately, it could be that your HVAC system is in need of repair. Here are some noises that indicate it is time to call a professional HVAC technician:


No, that isn’t a poltergeist dragging chains across the floor, its your air conditioning system. The sound of rattling is a symptom of possible debris or loose screws that may have found a way into your ductwork. If you are unable to locate where the rattling is coming from, however, this could indicate a bigger issue that should be addressed quickly before your system retains damage.


While this might sound like an angry ghost trying to spook you, it is actually a sign that you are losing air from your HVAC system. If you aren’t sure that you have an air leak within your ducts, check your energy bills. Higher prices and hissing normally indicate a leak.

Leaky ductwork can also compromise your indoor air quality and even create hot and cold spots so you want to get this fixed quickly to keep your home comfortable.


We promise you this sound doesn’t mean you are cursed. It does mean you should take fast action to fix a problem with your system though! Why? Because squealing or screeching means you have a bad belt or motor bearing. You want to address these issues sooner rather than later to prevent damage to your HVAC system.


If you hear clanking, we suggest turning your system off and calling a technician ASAP. Clanking is a sign of a problem with your HVAC system’s blower assembly, such as a loose fan. This sound should give you the chills though, as it can easily become a costly fix if its not taken care of quickly.

If you have some eerie noises emanating from your ductwork, make sure to reach out to your local Gainesville HVAC contractor at American Comfort Heating and Cooling for repair. A professional technician will be able to find the source of your spooky sounds and banish them with an efficient and timely repair!

Our well-trained team always seeks to put your mind at ease so don’t hesitate to schedule your service with American Comfort Heating and Cooling today. Bringing Comfort to America, One Home at a Time.

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