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Serving the Greater Winder, GA Area


4 Ways an Air Purifier Will Help You

Sneezing fits aren’t fun. No respiratory issue is. It makes sense that you’d want to keep them to a minimum, if not find a way to avoid them at all costs. But what if the thing that is contributing to your allergies or other discomforts the most is the air in your house?

This is what can happen if you have a home with poor indoor air quality. But thankfully there are systems that can help. One of those systems is the air purifier in Norcross, GA. Let us tell you a bit more about what an air purification system is so you can determine if installing one may be a good idea for your home.

The Two Main Types of Air Purifiers

When you learn about air purifiers, you’ll likely be thinking of selecting either of these two types of systems:

  • Electric air purifier: These purifiers work by using electricity to charge the particles in the air in your ducts. By doing this, it allows those particles to be drawn to a metal plate where they are stuck until the plate is wiped down.
  • UV germicidal light purifier: The UV light purifier uses ultraviolet light to cleanse the air. By blasting particles with UV light it either breaks them down and destroys them or it alters their genetic code and makes it impossible for them to spread.

The Benefits of a Whole-House Purification Systems

whichever type of air purifier you might choose you’ll want to know that it is going to benefit you. Here are some of the perks that you may enjoy when you choose to have a professional install and air purifier in your home.

  1. They don’t take up floor space: Whole-house air purifiers are installed within your ductwork. This means that they can purify your airflow without taking up floor space or outlets.
  2. They can battle viruses and bacteria: Most air purifiers can handle contaminants that an air filter may not be able to. Things like viruses and bacteria, which is usually too small for an air filter, are going to be removed or destroyed by an air purifier.
  3. They help keep you healthier. Air purifiers clean all of the air being pumped into your home. With their ability to handle additional contaminants, this means that you’ll be exposed to fewer viruses and other things that could make you sick or lead to allergy symptoms.
  4. They help keep things cleaner: Last but certainly not least, air purifiers are going to help keep your home cleaner overall. They can destroy or remove dust and even prevent the spread of mold in your home. This means less dust and debris to handle throughout the year and a cleaner home and HVAC system.

Looking to improve your home’s air quality? If so, you can talk to one of the experts at American Comfort Heating and Cooling about if an air purifier is the best fit for your needs.

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