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Serving the Greater Winder, GA Area


5 End-of-Season AC Repairs


When you go on a long road trip across multiple states and then loop back to return home, do you just leave your car to rest for several months after putting it in park? We certainly hope you’d say no. When you put a machine like your car through a heavy amount of use, it is likely a good idea to have a professional give it a look to make sure it doesn’t need any major repairs.

The same mindset should apply to your air conditioner. We are all starting to prepare for the cooler temperatures that the fall season will bring with it. While this does mean that your air conditioner is going to be “resting” for a few months, it doesn’t mean that it might not need an air conditioning repair in Winder, GA before you shut it down. Heavy use throughout the summer may have created problems that you should address before you shut your AC down for the next several months.

5 Potential End-of-Season AC Repair Needs

After a long, hot summer, your air conditioner may have accrued some extra wear and tear. This can lead to the creation of more than one repair need in your system. Here are five potential repairs your air conditioner might need assistance with.

  1. Your evaporator coil is dirty. Your evaporator coil is responsible for allowing the refrigerant in your AC to absorb heat, helping to create cool air for your home. If your evaporator coil becomes coated into dirt, however, then your system is going to encounter some problems with the cooling process. Having a professional clean off your evaporator coil is an important task to take care of.
  2. Your fan blades are breaking down. After months of wear and tear, the fan blades in your air conditioner may have started to come loose. Even worse, you may have fan blades that are starting to break. Get these issues fixed to ensure the proper flow of air into and out of your AC unit.
  3. Your blower motor belt needs lubrication. The belt in your system’s blower motor needs lubrication much like the belts in your car do. If your blower motor belt has been screeching or squealing, it may mean it needs to be lubricated so that it is able to do its job in the future without breaking down.
  4. You have a refrigerant leak. Your system uses refrigerant to absorb heat from your home and then release it outside. If your AC has a refrigerant leak, this can cause some issues with the cooling process. What’s more, if your refrigerant level gets low enough, your system won’t be able to cool your home at all.
  5. There is a problem with the connection to your thermostat. Aging wiring or other issues may have caused a disconnect between your air conditioner and your thermostat. This can hinder the ability of your system to cool your home down properly.

Don’t start the fall season without giving your air conditioner the attention it needs. Unaddressed repairs will only worsen the longer they are left alone. Reach out to us for the repairs you need.

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