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Serving the Greater Winder, GA Area


7 Sounds That Indicate Your Furnace Needs Repairs ASAP


Being a homeowner is no easy task. No matter the season, it seems like there’s a never-ending list of things on the to-do list. If “furnace repair” is on that list, here’s why you should check that one off sooner rather than later.

Ignoring furnace issues can cause something that might be an easy fix to escalate into a bigger problem. Even worse, you could find yourself with a completely broken down furnace when a bout of cold weather is in the forecast. Here are some noises that your furnace will make when it’s letting you know it needs some help. 

Knocking and Rattling

Your furnace is a complicated piece of equipment. As such, it’s composed of many pieces and parts, some of which can come loose every now and then. 

The sound of something knocking or rattling about is probably just that. Some screws could’ve come loose and are causing metal parts to jostle about. It could be a loose screw that’s come completely loose and is rattling around inside. Or it could be a loose blower fan banging against other parts. 


A squealing sound usually indicates that the fan belt is coming loose. It’ll sound similar to the noise your car makes when it has a loose belt. You don’t want the fan belt to break entirely so give us a call if you hear this noise. We can tighten the belt or replace it if necessary.


Your furnace is composed of many metal parts. The day it was installed, these parts had plenty of lubrication between them that allowed your furnace to run smoothly, efficiently, and quietly.

If you hear a screeching, grinding, or metal-on-metal noise, it usually means that the lubrication has worn down. We see this often in furnaces that haven’t received regular tune-ups.

Booming and Rumbling

Do you own a gas furnace? Booming and rumbling are of particular concern. Although it happens rarely, explosions have been known to happen.

A gas furnace uses a combustion process to light the gas burners. Sometimes this process can be impeded by anything from a dirty burnter to an ignition issue. When the ignition process is delayed, the booming or rumbling sound results.

You do not want the mini-explosion in your furnace to become a bigger explosion. Call us promptly for booming and rumbling sounds in a gas furnace.


Another gas furnace issue is a repeated clicking noise. This sounds similar to the noise your stovetop makes when it takes multiple attempts to light the gas burner. This noise is caused by a problem with the ignition process either due to the pilot light or the thermocouple. 

Clicking noises should be addressed right away as again, this indicates a problem with the gas combustion process in your gas furnace. With safety in mind, give us a call to diagnose and fix a clicking furnace problem.

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