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These Sounds Mean Trouble For Your Furnace


A furnace is built to operate well throughout the winter without creating an excessive amount of noise. If you have a furnace in your home, you’ve likely had several years of enjoyment from this system. There is a reason that furnace heaters are used so widely after all.

So what happens when your furnace starts to create a ruckus? We aren’t talking about an extra minute of clicking upon start-up here. We are talking about noises that you’ve never heard before that make you concerned.

A noisy heater is one that likely requires furnace repair in Duluth, GA. Here is what you need to know about the new sounds you might hear from a malfunctioning system.

What Sounds Spell Furnace Trouble?

Not sure about the sounds you shouldn’t hear from a furnace? Here are the key ones to be on the alert for. If you hear any of these noises when running your furnace, it is best to get expert service as soon as possible.


Do you hear a screeching or screaming noise from your furnace when it is in operation? You certainly don’t want that to continue! Not only is it an obnoxious noise, but it also indicates an issue in your furnace that will worsen the longer it goes on. Usually caused by loose fan blades or a dry motor belt, this noise should be addressed promptly.


Running the furnace creates the sound of something shaking around in the system. This is because there probably is a loose part that is creating a racket. Loose bolts or screws or even a loose blower door can create this noise. For your safety, make sure to have a technician address this sound and tighten any loose parts.


A pretty serious noise to hear from your furnace is a hissing sound. Not to be mistaken with the usual whoosh of warm air, a hissing noise can indicate problems within your furnace such as a cracked heat exchanger that is allowing combustion gases to leak into your home. As you can imagine that isn’t good. Even if you don’t smell gas, make sure to have a technician examine your system and address the source of the noise quickly.


Last but not least, make sure to have a professional repair a booming furnace. Booming is created when a build-up of gas is suddenly ignited in your system. This can be caused by problems with the ignition of your system. The result is hard on the furnace and creates further damage that will need to be addressed. Have an expert check your system if you start hearing booming at all.

Odd sounds aren’t the only signs of trouble in your heating system but they can be some of the early indicators of trouble to check for. Whenever you notice a strange noise in your system, you can always reach out to our team for help.

If you need help getting your furnace back in working condition, contact American Comfort Heating and Cooling. Bringing Comfort to America, One Home at a Time. 

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